A day with Gloria Saldarriaga: A stylish mini map to Medellin



Story by Vanessa Rosales

Photos by Santiago Marzola


In the world of Colombian fashion, Gloria Saldarriaga needs little to no introduction. She is constantly praised as one of the country’s chicest and most inventive creatures. Her sartorial abilities transfigure simple dressing into artistic composition. She is a master in eclecticism – capable of wearing anything from a market find, fast fashion, high-end design or local emerging talent.

She is close to the art world and collects both fashion and art, creating a dazzling and always inspiring visual language in what she wears, what she sees and how she lives. Gloria is also a lively emblem of how style transcends dress and can extend into every sing gesture when it comes to living.

We asked her for a stylish guide of her hometown in Medellin.


  1. Vivero Tierranegra, to see

“Colombia is filled with garden centers that lend urban settings a fresh perspective. Visitors or foreigners can even appreciate the exuberance of local floral by bending conventional visits and coming to places like this one. I am fascinated by this place, it’s even become a place of contemplation and meditation.”

(Black top by Carlo Carrisoza, earrings by Mercedes Salazar)

  1. Lokus, to visit

“It’s a young art gallery that in spite of being novel is already achieving important relevance on a national level. It’s admirable how its young director is able to make contemporary, emerging art, commercial.”

(Dress by Olga Piedrahita)


  1. Clandestino, to eat

There are not a lot of restaurants in Medellin that stand out for assembling a nice equation that includes aesthetic coolness, good music and opening on Sundays.”

  1. MAMM (Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellin), to not miss

One of the city’s iconic cultural beacons, el MAMM recently added a new wing to its premises, making the place an arquitectural marvel and a place that bustles with activity.



Cartografía de Medellín con Gloria Saldarriaga (para CooperativaShop)

Fotos de Santiago Marzola




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